TDM Military

Original soviet military binoculars ACT AST Binocular Artillery Periscope 10×45

Basictactical and technical parameters:

– Zoom binoculars 10 x;
– Binoculars lens diameter: 48 mm;
– Exit pupil diameter: 4.8 mm;
– Dioptric adjustment of the eyepiece: +/- 4 diopters;
– Net dalmiercza in the right optical path: the plot at 0-05 (5 thousandths);
– Measuring angles in the horizontal plane: with a resolution of 0-01 (one thousandth);
– Diameter mandrel binoculars: 13.7 mm;
– The weight of binoculars 7.7 kg;
– The weight pouch with binoculars and accessories in the middle of the 14 kg;
– Tripod weight: 5.3 kg;
– Height of the stand when folded up: 90 cm;
– Height of the stand exploded: 155 cm;

Technically binoculars it is fully functional – perfect optics, image clear.

It is in good condition, but with visible traces of Use.

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