TDM Military

Vietnam War Radio PRC-77 for sale
in the vehicle version of the AN / VRC-64

Instead of the original cable CX-4655, we offer a replacement of own production

Frequency FM 75.975 MHz has 30,000 in 25 KHz.

Dimensions: 40 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm
Weight: 23.5 kg

Price: 375$


PRC-77 for sale – this radio was used during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, its wiring has not been preserved, but the model is sold with own production cables, which we add to the device. PRC-77 for sale – why have it? Knowing that the radio station you have in your house was used during the Vietnam War is unusual, and captures the imagination – anyone fascinated by history will certainly understand it and will want to experience it. The frequency at which the device operates is FM 75.975 MHz. What sizes can we talk about for PRC-77 for sale? The radio is relatively large – measuring 40 cm × 33 cm × 22 cm, but its weight can safely be considered impressive. PRC-77 for sale weighs as much as 23.5 kg, but fortunately today we do not have to carry it on our shoulders. When this weight is compared to that with which we are dealing nowadays in modern manufactured equipment, we can be really surprised. The described model was created to ensure close-range radio-telephone communication. There are several differences between PRC-77 for sale and its predecessor – the clearest one is undoubtedly its weight, which in the case of the new model has clearly increased. The most important elements making up PRC-77 for sale – the receiving and transmitting unit and the battery. In addition, the set includes: 4 antennas, a receiver and a harness. The radio in question has its place in history, and will certainly not lose the deserved place in the hearts of collectors and people involved in military items as well as issues related to communication. This equipment was used not only by the US military, but also Australian, Swedish, Brazilian, Swiss, Finnish, Pakistan and Israeli soldiers. Gradually, it was replaced by other transmitters and receivers, but the sentimental value of PRC-77 does not diminish in the eyes of connoisseurs and all those fascinated by communication and military items (these areas are still strongly connected).