TDM Military

Tank Transceiver VRM 5080 VHF 50watt

Manufacrurer: RACAL
It covers the 30 to 76MHz frequency range.
The VRM5080 incorporates a built-in test sequence which automatically checks transceiver performance and displays results.
A 16kbits/s data capability is also incorporated in the transceiver and options extend the facilities to include built-in pseudo-white-noise encryption of both data and speech.
The front panel, providing full control over a simple serial data line,
can be mounted anywhere on a tank with a radio located in the hull or a similar remote position.
It also provides control of two radios from a single remote position.
The control enables selection of operating frequency and up to nine preselected channels as well as encryption codes and the transceiver mode.
An alpha-numeric display gives read-out of frequency and status.
Included accessories shown in the pictures
Dimensions:  34,5 x 20 x22 cm

Weight: 21kg
The photo is of one the units available.

Price: 213$