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Clansman Military Radio HAM PRC320

The Clansman PRC-320 is a lightweight HF/SSB radio station designed as part of the British
Army’s Clansman range of radio equipments for combat use throughout the world.
It was used by long-range patrols and Special Forces because of its sky-wave range performance and hand generator system.
The equipment operates in the 2 to 30 MHz band with 100 Hz channel spacing, which gives a choice of 280 000 frequencies.
A transmitter output power of 30 W PEP working into a 2.4 m whip antenna gives the PRC-320 a
ground-wave communications range in excess of 40 km by day under normal conditions.

Technical Specification:
Frequency Range: 2 – 29.999 MHz
Output Power: 30 or 3 W; AM: 7.5 W
Channel Spacing: 100 Hz
Number of Channels: 280,000
Modes of Operation: USB, AM, CW wide (2900 Hz), CW narrow ( 400 Hz)
Sensitivity: SSB / CW Narrow 1.7µV @ 20 dB AM 7.5 µV @ 20 dB
Power Requirements: 20-28 VDC
Power consumption: Receiving 175 mA Low HF output 1.2 A High HF output
Battery: 24 V NiCad
Measurements and weight: 330 x 250 x 90mm, 11 kg
Operating Temperature Range: -37 to + 55°C (plus solar radiation) storage: -40 to + 65°C
Operating Altitude: 2500 meters, Transport: 7500 meters, Immersion: 1 meter for 2 hours

Set includes:





-cable connectivity

-copy manual in English

– antennas

– battery

Weight set: approx. 15 kg

Price: 530$