TDM Military


All armoured vehicles and aircrafts are liable to a license procedure by the Polish Ministry of Economy.
The procedure requires the client to supply us International Import Certificate (IIC) which is usually the only and fully sufficient document.
Then we can apply for International Export Certificate (IEC) in Polish Ministry.
The whole procedure should not exceed the duration of 4-6 weeks for the European countries and 10 weeks for European non-member states.

All trucks, jeeps, trailers and rest of equipment available in our store can be exported and imported without any license procedure & other restrictions.
Before purchasing you can visit us and inspect the vehicles with free test drive possibility.
If you haven’t time for personal inspection, ask us to supply you pictures or video showing the functioning of the vehicle and works made on it.

Please notice that the EU citizens will be charged the VAT in the amount of 23% for any goods and services provided.
If you provide us your EU VAT ID you will pay net prices (excluding 23% VAT tax).
A VAT identification number must be verified online at the EU’s official VIES website, it confirms that the number is currently allocated.