TDM Military

CT-DECT JetCom Helmet

Manufacturer: CeoTronics AG

Size: S

It is the product of choice for extreme noise levels of up to 140 dB (A).
The built-in communication system, with its specially engineered gel-cushioned
skull microphone, enables unlimited duplex communication.

Thanks to the speakers’ superb quality, voice transmission is reliable and
comprehensible even under extreme environmental conditions.
This was possible, only by developing a custom helmet with a special inner lining.

In combination with gel ear pads, developed specifically to complement
the ear muff cups, the result is impressive: an outstanding
sound insulation value of SNR 42 dB.

The CT-DECT JetCom system plus noise protection headgear for military
jet ground handling is developed and sold to the German Armed Forces in 2007.

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30 cm
Weight:  2 kg


Price: 499$