TDM Military


Clansman radios went down in the history of military, which is why in some circles the memory of them is alive today. The manufacturer released all radio systems designed for the British army in the years 1976-2010. It is not difficult to see that the production process was discontinued fairly recently. What do Clansman radios offer? The list of their advantages is extremely long, but it is easy to mention most of them. Clansman radios were something of a refreshing breeze after the „era” of coarse radio systems that did not meet the expectations of soldiers or command. Reliable Clansman radios operate in high, very high and ultra high frequencies, which did not have to be adjusted every time, despite the fact that radios are and still be portable. Despite their increasingly „old age”, Clansman radios still have a loyal group of fans who can appreciate their ingenious and reliable design, and unconventional solutions. Noteworthy is the ingenious cooling system that carries off hot air and makes the device resistant to overheating, and flawlessly operational for a long time. Clansman radios deserved to be called a military legend, which has its origins in the British Army. During armed clashes communication is of enormous importance – if the equipment was used by soldiers of the former empire for years, you will want to spend a little bit of attention to it, and see how it can surprise you.