TDM Military



Original military army metal detector


It is used to detect metal antivehicle mines, artillery shells, bombs, etc.
The detector can also be used by diving to a depth of 20 m.

The set includes:
– Canvas bag;
– Detector,
– 3 rods;
– Rod a final;
– Blade tentacles;
– Replacement of batteries; flat battery 4.5V joined to in series
Dimensions of bag:  72 x 37 x 5 cm

Price: 129$

Tester transistors and diodes

Type:  L2-23
Series: 5915 1976
Russian production
Dimensions: 29 x 15 x 19,5 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Condition as pictured.

Price: 129$


Signal Light Reflector

Manufacturer: AEG
It was also used as a Ship Signal for Morse Code and such.
Model with working bulb, shutter operates smoothly.
Weight: 30kg

Price: 899$

Periscope Pdf Carl Zeiss Rare Camera with Tripod

Year of production: 1970
Country of origin: ZSRR
Product in very good condition.

Set contains:
– Periscope
– Camera
– Tripod
– Cassette
– Frame with copy
– Power supply

The kit is packed in two wooden chests with a total weight of 49kg.

– Chest number 1: 77,5 x 27 x 25,5 cm
– Chest number 2: 61,5 x 44 x 29,5 cm

Price: 2,229$

Never used Liferaft ZODIAC Class II OPEN SEA MP10 C Life Raft

Liferaft type: OPEN SEA MP10 C
Capacity persons:  10
We sell with inspection booklet for liferaft.
Next service: July 2015
Dimensions:  88 x 53 x 37 cm
Weight:  81 kg

Price: 619$

Tripod wooden with iron fittings.

NSN 6760-99-70147150
The stand is fully functional and precise.
Solid construction, stable
Dimensions You can see in the picture below
Weight 8,5kg
The photo is of one of the units available

Price: 370$



Military Romanian field telephone with shield numeric

Type: TC-72
The unit in very good condition.
Dimensions: 24,5 x 9 x 16,5cm
Weight: 3.5kg
The photo is of one the units available

Price: 24$




Military Lighting kit guns cannon D-44 M 1952

Lighting kit guns /cannon D-44 M
Year about 1952
The device looks for unused
The kit includes accessories shown in pictures
Dimensions: 38 cm x 23 cm x 24 cm
Weight box with accessories: 12.6 kg
The photo is of one the units available.

Price: 39$




Original soviet military binoculars ACT AST Binocular Artillery Periscope 10×45

Basictactical and technical parameters:

– Zoom binoculars 10 x;
– Binoculars lens diameter: 48 mm;
– Exit pupil diameter: 4.8 mm;
– Dioptric adjustment of the eyepiece: +/- 4 diopters;
– Net dalmiercza in the right optical path: the plot at 0-05 (5 thousandths);
– Measuring angles in the horizontal plane: with a resolution of 0-01 (one thousandth);
– Diameter mandrel binoculars: 13.7 mm;
– The weight of binoculars 7.7 kg;
– The weight pouch with binoculars and accessories in the middle of the 14 kg;
– Tripod weight: 5.3 kg;
– Height of the stand when folded up: 90 cm;
– Height of the stand exploded: 155 cm;

Technically binoculars it is fully functional – perfect optics, image clear.

It is in good condition, but with visible traces of Use.

Auction Include everything what you see in this picture below


Price: 699$




Military gun rack

Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Stand Dimensions:
height 72 cm,
width 16 cm,
depth 28 cm.
Weight: about 3,5 kg

Price: 39$