TDM Military

Deviation indicator  RD – 444 year 1987


Radio Deviation Indicator,Compass data, Heading select knob and marker heading bug, Course select knob and marker, Compass annunciator, Compass flag, Glide slope deviation, Glide slope flag, VOR to-from pointer, VOR/LOC deviation, Navigation flag.

Should be located on the aircraft instrument panel, along the control wheel vertical centerline – within 15° of the viewing the pilot’s line of sight Contains two heading error CT’s and two course error CT’s .May replace, or be replaced by, the RD-44, except the RD-44 does not have a second course error synchro, second heading error synchro or comparison monitor differential synchro.The comparison monitor differential synchro provides the heading input to the CM-200 Comparator

Monitor (making the RD-44 not compatible with CM-200)

Price: $229